Education, Prevention, and Empowerment

“Our greatest weapon in the battle against child abuse is knowledge.” ~Rose Morrisroe, Ed.S.

No Secrets Between Us Cover Final w Endorsement


Michael Reagan (President Reagan’s son) has endorsed Morrisroe as just the right author for a children’s book on this subject. The endorsement is as follows: “Rose Morrisroe: one of the top educational instructors for the state of New Jersey and founder for one of the leading non profits on child abuse prevention - Soldiers Against Child Abuse.  She encompasses vision, awareness, passion and accomplishment to the world she touches…. She saves the world around her and embraces the hurt with healing, guidance and compassion.” ~Michael Reagan

Mrs. Morrisroe reached the national level when she was featured on MSNBC National News for the Krystal Clear Show to discuss body safety, prevention education, and her book.